Foto: Natan Barcelos

Photo: Miguel Cordeiro

About me

Hi! =)

My name is Natan Barcelos, I was born in Contagem, the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, and today I reside in Fortaleza, Ceará.

Passionate about art and technology, especially those that permeate the digital universe.

I have been working in art direction, design and illustration since 2006, where I gained extensive experience with online and offline projects in Brazil and Europe. Among multinationals, rising companies and renowned artists, I have had the honor of working on exceptional projects for amazing brands and people.

Inspired by independent and timeless research in visual arts, photography, plastic arts and cinematographic production, I seek to develop a reflective work based on manipulated organic and digital fragments using binary languages.

My enthusiasm for digital tools and environments is directly related to the permissiveness that the medium provides me, where limits imposed by the cerebral paralysis that has accompanied me since birth are broken.

My experience


2006 – 2008

Comunicato Evolute

2008 – 2009

68 Interativa

2009 – 2012


2012 – 2014


2014 – 2015


2015 – 2017

333 Comunicação

2017 – 2018

Set Comunicação

2018 – 2023


Graphic Design
Branding and identity
Logo Design
Packaging design
Print production

Organic Traffic
Paid Traffic

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